About Us

In 1997, while Georgia suffered a complete economic and social crisis and 85% of the population was below the poverty level, the credit union was founded by the immediate initiative of certain social groups and with support of The Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia and The World Bank. The aim was to promote employment, to aid in the formation of small and medium business, financial and investment stimulation. In this work, the community was supported by the assistant partners – Swiss organization SAB and GMF that materializes highland development program projects of SDC development agency, as well as the UN food program, ‘Mercy Corps’ and other organizations.

In 2011 microfinance organization ‘GN Capital’ Ltd was established, that was a result of a great experience and in order to facilitate small and medium entrepreneurs.

‘GN Capital’ Ltd. passed the State Register on March 14, 2011, On March 29, 2011, registered as a micro financial organization on the basis of the decree #320 by the vice-president of The National Bank.

The main goal of the ‘GN Capital’ Ltd. is micro financial activities; also The Company is authorized to conduct all the activities, that is allowed under the law about “Microfinance Organizations”.

Exchange Rates
Gold Evaluation

500 - 20 GEL

583 - 35 GEL

750 - 40 GEL

917 - 50 GEL

958 - 57 GEL

დაფარვის ტიპი
Annual percent
Loan Amount
სესხის ხანგრძლივობა